Replace your wooden deck with a composite trolley

Replace your wooden deck with a composite trolley

It is possible to replace your wooden deck with a composite trolley if you have one in your garden. But replacing wooden decks does not mean replacing all wooden deck structures. This means that when you replace your wooden deck, you do not need to change the substructure or frame that supports your wooden deck. You should tear off the old wooden deck and replace it with the new wooden-plastic composite pallet. Several benefits come with replacing your wooden deck with wood-plastic composite. This text is about how you can replace your wooden floor with composite.

Why should you get a composite trolley instead of a wooden one

Why should you get a composite trolley instead of a wooden one?

The majority of owners of wooden decks are unaware of the need of replacing them with superior wood-plastic composite decks. Here are some reasons why replacing your hardwood deck with a composite deck is worthwhile.

Scratch-resistant composite trolley

Scratch-resistant composite trolley

One of the advantages of replacing your wood deck with composite is that it is scratch-resistant. The surface of the komposittrall has been enhanced and is less likely to be scratched. Due to foot activity, a coating of plastic on the composite trolley does not come loose or scratch. Scratches on hardwood decks cut through the paint or stain and show up, whereas scratches on composite decks are less noticeable. This is due to the plastic layer on the composite disc, which prevents scratches from cutting deep into the disc.

Non-slip composite trolley

Non-slip composite trolley

Replace the wooden trolley with a WPC trolley.
Another reason to use composite instead of wood is that it is later slip-resistant. When you walk on your wooden deck, the lines on the surface of composite trolleys stimulate friction. When you walk on your hardwood deck surface, these lines on the surface make it difficult for you to slip or fall. This means that your kids can play on your hardwood deck while you rest certain that they are secure.


Another incentive to replace your trädäck with composite decking is its UV resistance. The wooden deck will be exposed to the sun when you install your wood-plastic composite outside. UV rays will not degrade the beauty of your composite tray, nor will they cause it to fade quickly. As a result of the sun’s UV rays, wood floor paint or stain fades quickly.

Resistant to moisture

Another reason to replace your hardwood deck with a wood-plastic composite deck is moisture resistance. When you build something outside, wood absorbs a lot of moisture or water. When you put your wood-plastic composite in the garden, though, it won’t absorb moisture. Excess moisture is kept out of the core of the wood-plastic composite by the plastic-coated top, which keeps it from expanding or decaying.

Maintenance is simple

Maintenance is simple.

Composite trolleys are also easy to maintain, which is another incentive to replace your wooden deck with composite. Rather than investing a lot of money on your composite trolley, you can save money by maintaining your maintenance-free composite wood deck. To clean your wood-plastic composite deck, use a towel or softly scrape the surface with a brush.

Tips to Replace a Wooden Deck with a Composite Deck

Tips to Replace a Wooden Deck with a Composite Deck

Step 1: Remove the old boards

When you wish to replace wooden decks, you must first remove the existing wooden deck boards. To remove the nails from the original wooden deck beams, you’ll need a crowbar. After tearing off your nails with your crowbar, gently remove the wooden boards and place them somewhere.

Step 2: Examine the studs

After you’ve removed the wooden deck, check the studs to make sure they’re still in good shape. Most ancient wooden decks have strong joists or substructures, so you won’t have to replace them if they’re still in good shape. However, if the substructure is damaged, you must repair the rotten wooden boards. To prevent moisture from ruining your studs, tape the surface of the studs. Inspecting the joists also entails looking at the posts that hold your wooden deck up.

Step 3: Install the composite decking boards.

You can continue to lay your maintenance-free composite wood deck on the joists after checking that your joists and posts are in good shape. If your wooden deck is close to your house or another structure, you should start laying the WPC board from the side. Then use composite boards to cover the top of your wooden deck.


There are a number of reasons why you should replace your hardwood deck. Removing the old boards and examining the joists is the first step in replacing your wooden deck with a composite trolley. Then, on the wooden deck, install your composite boards.

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