Labelling is an essential element of branding. It assists in easier identification of items. Are you wondering why labels don’t all look identical? It is because they are made of different substances. What are they? Check out the article to learn the seven most important types of sticker materials.

Know about 7 Types of Sticker and Label Materials

Here are seven popular kinds of clothing labels and stickers materials:

  • Industrial Vinyl :
    This material is suitable to use for labels that can be used outdoors. The best industrial vinyl offers 9-11 years of protection against UV radiation. Additionally, labels made of these materials are weather and chemical resistant. The material is extremely flexible and is ideal for use on sharply curved surfaces and also rivets. Vinyl labels are commonly used to label pipelines as well as rental equipment fleet decals, fleet decals, as well as cable tray labeling.
  • Polyester :
    Polyester labels are available in various shapes and styles. The most well-known choice is a metallic look that has the appearance of a mirror or chrome perfect. Sometimes, it’s mistaken for stainless steel. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and is ideal for marking panels and control pipes. The majority of polyester labels can stand up to harsh operating conditions and weather conditions and are equipped with a durable adhesive. Many popular choices are available for polyesters like chrome, or mirror-like finish which resembles stainless steel.
  • Polypropylene Labels: :
    These labels are regarded as an ideal substitute for vinyl labels and offer superior resistance to solvents. Polypropylene labels are less expensive compared to polyester labels and also offer greater clarity. They are distinct by their adhesive, coating and color. Here are some of the most popular kinds they are:
    • I) (Chrome) (Silver) BOPP Labels :
      The label material is water and oil-resistant and has a mirror-like appearance.
    • II) CLEAR BOPP Labels :
      They are transparent Polypropylene (BOPP) substances. It has the same characteristics as chrome silver labels like water resistance. The clear BOPP labels are ideal for window stickers.
    • iii)Removable label for white BOPP: :
      These labels are less adhesive than standard BOPP labels.
    • IV) The white label on BOPP: :
      The labels are made of permanent adhesives and are impervious to oils or water. They are perfect for bath and body products, as well as a variety of drinks and food products.
  • Recycled Labels: :
    As the name implies, these labels are produced using 100% recycled materials. It’s a #55 material is a great choice if you want a natural appearance. Kraft labels aren’t suited to be laminated, and therefore they aren’t oil or water resistant. They are suitable for use in machines. The label has to be removed with hot water. Vellum labels as well as Kraft labels are the most popular varieties of recycled labels currently that are in use today.
  • Satin Labels: :
    These labels are basically based labels that make great wine or spirit labels. Personalized satin labels can provide a stunning look to your packaging. They are also great to give gifts during the holidays.
  • Fluorescent Paper Labels: :
    The labels are coated with a flood of synthetic materials. The majority of fluorescent and foil labels are available in different colors such as red, pink, green, and orange. The labels of this kind are designed to alert people.
  • Foil Paper Labels: :
    Foil paper labels can be found in bright, dull, silver or gold. These labels are usually used for food or holiday-themed stickers.

The selection of the appropriate label is entirely dependent on the requirements you have. But, it is crucial to buy the labels from a reliable wholesale sticker and labels provider such as Performance Label Company. The label company provides top-quality labels at a price that is attractively low.

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