How to Remove Double sided Tape from a Wall

How to Remove Double sided Tape from a Wall

Double-sided tape is beloved by contractors because it will stick to surfaces in almost any situation. The double-edged sword with double-sided tape is, of course, almost as loathed by contractors because it is very difficult to remove when necessary. Removing heavy-duty adhesives and the sticky residue they leave behind on surfaces such as walls can be a real challenge.

The good news is there are ways to remove the double sided tape from walls and other surfaces without causing any damage to the underlying material.


The first step to removing double sided tape from a wall is to first test the residue remover you intend to use in an area that will go unnoticed to make certain it does not result in any damage being caused to the surface. This is particularly true for walls with wooden or painted surfaces or high gloss finished surfaces, as some removers may result in the surface being dulled or discoloured.

Warm water and soap

Warm water and soap, or warm water and dishwashing liquid, are a good way to remove the double sided tape from a wall without leaving behind residue or causing damage to the surface. Mix some hot water with soap or a few drops of dishwater, and then use either a sponge or a spray bottle to apply this mixture to a wall gently.

The sticker residue should become softer and then easier just to wipe away.


Vinegar can also be used with warm water to make an effective method of double-sided tape removal. Mix a few ounces of white vinegar or cider vinegar into warm water. If using a sponge, make the mixture six parts warm water and one part vinegar, but if you intend to use a spray bottle, the combination should be more of a 50/50 mix.

The application of heat

Heat can help with the melting of particularly stubborn adhesives without causing any damage to the surface of a wall. Use a hairdryer, blowtorch or heat gun for around a minute; this should get things started nicely. While applying heat to the wall’s surface, gently scrape the adhesive. Adhesive tends to harden on cold surfaces, so it is important to remove it before the surface becomes cold, as this will make the adhesive more difficult to remove without causing damage.

Cleaning or sanding

Even after the application of heat, some residue may remain on walls. For the likes of drywall or coated wood walls, the surface should be cleaned with a bit of solvent that has already been applied to a rag. However, the solvent should not be used with bare wood. Instead, you should allow the residue to dry and then use fine-grit sandpaper to lightly sand it away.

The use of the right tools and some solid preparation can make the process of removing double sided tape from a wall without causing damage or leaving sticky residue can be a much simpler one than might sometimes seem to be the case. Visit RS for more information and a range of double-sided tape options.

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