Every family has a dream of having their special occasion in a special place. Well, why don’t you choose a paradise to make this moment unforgettable? Celebrate your weddings and other special events at Hotel Cenneys Gateway, the 4-star hotel residing in the heart of Salem.

Throw your wedding at the pride of Salem to experience the hospitality and ambience that offers you a heavenly feel. You might wonder if we are exaggerating about Hotel Cenneys, well you’re mistaken. We are telling the truth where others don’t. In this article, we’ll let you know about the few highlights that make us spot out from others.


We all know a banquet hall is a promising place where a person or a family would gather their families, friends and colleagues to celebrate their special events like weddings, birthday parties, and other social events. To add more elegance to this occasion, we know that you would opt for a spacious place to occupy your guest by offering exceptional comfy. And that’s the reason you will fall in love with our banquet hall.

Hotel Cenneys offer exclusive space and services to make your moment romantic and passionate. Yes, you can set aside and welcome your beloved guests while our well-equipped planners will be there for you at every stage. Hotel Cenneys have unique banquet halls that suit your prestige, and you will wish to celebrate your special events at our venue.

To make this event possible, Hotel Cenneys offer exclusive packages to their valuable customers. They offer a wide range of pricing options that help customers choose the best hall that suits their budget. Hotel Cenneys also offer exclusive individual or group based packages for domestic or foreign individual travelers, corporate guests, and occasion-based guests. Click here to book your event!

However, most of us would also have specific requirements to make the event delightful. If you are planning to conduct a special occasion, you would probably ask, “do you have a restaurant, bar, club, and suites associated with the hotel?” and well, our answer is yes! We do have it, and we’ll elaborate on the services we offer.


Creating a sparkling moment in your life is not that easy as you need to feel and enjoy every second. We redefine your moment with music, entertainment, attractions and of course, the food and liquor, as we can’t omit these factors if you need sparkling thoughts carried out till your lifetime.


Our Suites and clubs are characterized to facilitate your residential and business needs. Our rooms are crafted to make you feel relaxed and stress-free with a serene view of nature.


With hands-on experience in knowing the intensity of flavours and richness of sensation, the Spice couch restaurant treats the customer with the tasty and authentic dishes ever served on your plates.

Hence, why do you wait so long to make your exceptional event grandeur? Click here to book your reservation!

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