The 3 Lift Systems Every Job Needs!

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 states that “Employers and those in control of any work at height activity must make sure work is properly planned, supervised and carried out by competent people. This includes using the right type of equipment for working at height. Low-risk, relatively straightforward tasks will require less effort when it comes to planning.”

We at Mtandt ensure to abide by the regulations and bring to your attention the safest and stable equipment for work-at-height. These pieces of equipment include Boom lifts, Scissor lifts and Vertical lifts


A BOOM LIFT is a piece of essential aerial equipment that allows for both horizontal and vertical reach. This aerial work platform supports equipment for outdoor jobs, industrial tasks and construction projects. Boom lifts allow for a higher reach and typically have a smaller work platform. These lifts make reaching difficult places and height construction easier compared to a standard ladder or a man lift. It provides safety in terms of getting work done at any elevation. Boom lifts have high stability, easy mobility and higher capability which then increases the safety of workers working at heights. Hence, this makes a project much safer and efficient. 

Boom Lifts have multiple sub equipment which is sold and rented out for specific tasks. Some of them include Insulated Truck Mounted Boom Lift, Telescopic Boom Lift, Straight Boom Lift, Articulating Boom Lift (Diesel), Crawler Mounted Spider Boom Lift etc.

A few of the many common uses of Boom lifts include Fruit picking on farms, Lighting work, Hanging of signs etc. at commercial spaces like Malls, Business Hubs, Hospitals, Supermarkets and more. 


A SCISSOR LIFT is another type of aerial lift which is a machine made to move equipment in the vertical direction. Scissor lifts have a lower platform compared to Boom lifts. These platforms enable operators to do tasks faster and in a more secure environment without the hassle of setting up time of other equipment, such as scaffolding or a tower, and without the dangerous instability of a ladder. This aerial work platform provides a safety harness or a cable and a sturdy platform that is surrounded by railings. Above all, what truly makes a scissor lift valuable is that it can extend upwards and fold small enough to be easily stored. Scissor lifts are powered by both a diesel engine and an electric engine. 

A scissor lift price in India varies from equipment to equipment as different types of these lifts are used for different tasks. Some of these variations are Push around electric scissor lift, Self Propelled- Diesel scissor lift, Self Propelled- Electric scissor lift. 

A few of the many uses of scissor lifts include working on sloped land or uneven terrain, warehouse organization, management and general maintenance while accessing shelves at height, indoor maintenance with high ceilings etc.


A VERTICAL LIFT is a platform made up of a series of vertically stacked trays with columns on either side. In between the two enclosed columns sits an additional mechanism that is in charge of the insertion and extraction of inventory. These lifts are designed to deliver stored items to the operator, eliminating the walk and search time, thereby increasing productivity. There are a variety of tray sizes available that are tailored to specific inventory storage and retrievals. Increasing room on the floor is a requirement in any warehouse, and vertical lifts do just that.

Various variations of Vertical lifts include Mast Boom Lift – Wheeled, Mast Boom Lift – Crawler, Order Picker, Vertical Lift – Powered, Personnel Lift Dual Mast etc. 

A few of the many uses of Vertical lifts include access to people using scooters or wheelchairs, in airports, for automotive manufacturing etc.

Although the chance of a fall can never be completely eliminated when one works at any height, the three lift systems brought to you by Mtandt imparts a solid foundation and unsurpassed safety. This is further applicable for work of  all types that happens at low to medium elevations. Come what may the project or the height, Mtandt aerial platforms are a great tool to keep workers working at great heights safely. 

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