Step by Step DIY Guide for Replacing Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Being one of the basic bathroom necessities, if the bath shower mixer taps get leaky or show any other fault, it can become quite a hassle. If you are one of those, who love to take a warm shower every morning, you’d want to sort the malfunctioning right away. Bath Shower mixer taps often turn out various faults, most of which can be tackled at home with some basic know-how.

Importance of Bath Shower Mixer Taps.

It is needless to say that Bath shower mixer taps are very important to organize and control the flow of the water. Once these go out of order, you cannot take a bath or shower. In addition to their functional importance, one more thing that these are important for is aesthetics. Where these facilitate water control, you can also use them to improve the overall look of the bathroom. 

Replacing The Bath Shower Mixer Taps

The modern bathtub is versatile. These works as bathtubs as well as showers as well.  In addition to that, these have various types too. From a single-ended with one side taps and double-ended where the taps are placed in the middle, there are many variations. Once you finally decide to replace the faucets, it is important to figure out what things you will require. Relacing a tap in comparison to a new installation is fairly easy if you have some understanding of working with different plumbing tools. You will need to try to get new faucets similar to the older ones in design and shape. Otherwise, the fixing may require some adjustments. 

Step By Step Process of Replacing Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Here we have step by step process of replacing the Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Understanding the Fault

Before you start, it is important to know whether the tap needs a replacement, or some fixing will do the job? Oftentimes people replace the entire set when a minor inconvenience shows up when all it needs is a little repairing. There are a few tricks to figure out what type of solution would work in your case.

The first thing you need to do is identify which part of the set is leaking. The showerhead, hose, and valve turn out to be the culprits in most cases. Here are the tools you would need to fix the problem.

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Washers
  • Seal tape
  • Plumbing putty

Step by Step Process

  1. 1.   Shut Down the Water Supply of your bathroom by turning off the water mains. The switch-off valve is often located under the sink in most homes; if not, try finding it in the basement or an airing cupboard.
  2.   Open the shower bath mixer taps using pliers and let the water in the pipes drain out. The water in the mains must drain out for you to fix the taps easily.
  3. 3.   Detach the mixer bathroom taps with the help of a screwdriver after the water has escaped through the pipes.
  4.   Examine the gasket a rubber ring attached near the valve. Inspect the gasket for any wear and tear so you can figure out whether it needs to be replaced. If the gasket is the cause of leakage, remove it and use the plumber putty instead that acts as a waterproof sealant.
  5.   Replace all the washers installed at the end of the shower stem. Take off the lid and the shower hose, and replace all the rubber rings with newer ones. This will help relieve the pressure. Also, remember to check if the shower stem is damaged.
  6.   Unclog the pipes before installing the valve back to restore the water flow.
  7. 7.   Fasten the shower bath mixer tap back to the pipe just the way you removed it. Don’t forget to tighten it thoroughly to prevent any leakage.
  8.   Restore the water supply and check if there is any leakage or not.

How To Make Most Out of Your Basin Mixer Taps?

Basin Mixer taps are the need of any bathroom sink. They are among the most famous tap options. No doubt that you will have multiple choices while looking for suitable taps for your bathroom. But how would you decide to pick one appropriate option from various of them? Well, it’s a challenge for the ones who don’t have enough knowledge about mixer taps. This article has everything you need to know about mixer taps and will help you find the right one considering your basin type. So, let’s start. 

What Are Basin Mixer Taps? 

Basin Mixer taps are an advanced version of bathroom sink taps that lets you have mixed temperature water. It consists of two water inlets, one for the hot water and the other for the cold. Both hot and cold water flows into the basin from a single outlet. So, this was a brief intro to mixer taps lets have a look at the thing to consider before installing mixer taps. 

Why Choosing the Right Basin Taps is Important? 

Making the right choice of basin taps is important for two main reasons. It offers direct control over water temperature. A small lever is available to turn the water on and off. In addition, that it allows the mixing of both water temperature water as well. Moreover, the second important function of these faucets is aesthetics. Where these toilets provide a highly functional facility to keep good control over water. It is also important to make your bathroom look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. For example, these taps are available in contemporary and traditional ranges. So, if you are looking for modern taps set, then there are various choices available. Due to their prominent location over the sink, these play a highly important role in improving the bathroom’s overall look. 

What To Consider Before Installing Mixer Taps 

Making the right choice for Basin Mixer Taps is not easy as you might think. The more things you consider, the better. Most of the time, you will need to know the following things

As mixer taps require a single-hole sink, they should be installed in bathrooms with a single-hole basin. If you are building a new bathroom, you must remember to buy the versatile basin with mixer bath taps

If you have a traditional old bathroom with three holes basin, installing mixer taps would look a bit odd. Two of the three holes will be unused and give an ugly appeal to the overall bathroom. So, replace the basin with taps as well. 

Mixer taps come in various colours depending on the bathroom’s colour scheme. So always choose the option that’s versatile with the bathroom’s theme.

Most Popular Basin Mixer Taps Options

As stated above, mixer taps come in a variety of options, but all of them are based on the two main types listed below:

Standard Bath Mixer Taps

This is the most standard option in bath mixer taps. We can also say that mixer taps came into the existing in the form of traditional mixer taps. They consist of a single outlet with two faucets on the sides. The chromium finish shines bright and gives a sleek outlook to the fixtures. Mixer taps are duly practical and eased our life from the struggle of having optimum temperature water. Presently, mixer taps are available in various shapes. The ones who like a contemporary bathroom can install rectangular mixer taps. 

Mono Basin Mixer Tap

A significant advancement to the standard mixer taps is the modern monobloc mixer taps. They have a fancier single faucet that slides right to left to flow hot and cold water, respectively. They are more practical than a standard mono basin mixer tap, where you can have the desired water temperature by sliding the faucet. Overall, it’s an excellent edition for modern bathrooms. 

Final Thoughts

The basin faucets are a popular trend these days. And with this complete guide, you can visit any online bathroom store confidently make the best purchase. 

Getting High-Quality Mixer Taps

In this article, we have a discussion about Mixer Taps. We also have a discussion about different things that you will need to replace. By following our step-by-step process, you can do it yourself. However, it is better to always hire an experienced plumber for the job. Especially in case, you don’t have any experience of working with plumbing tools. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have different types of fittings and fixtures available at lower prices. 

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