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With the launch of the newer 5000 series of AMD Ryzen processors in 2020, the performance and efficiency of the new Zen 3 processors increased significantly from the previous generation in terms of both single-core and multi-core performance. AMD at their launch event claimed that the newer 5000 series chips were 26% faster on average than their previous generation. For this comparison, the new and improved AMD Ryzen 5950X, AMD’s best performer from 5000 series based on Zen 3 architecture, will be tested up against its previous generation best performer, the AMD Ryzen 3950X in a variety of games and benchmarking software.

For general comparison and a quick overview of both of these processors, we are able to see that the AMD Ryzen 3950X, AMD’s best performer from the previous generation based on AMD Zen 2 architecture will be put against the new and improved AMD Ryzen 5950X based on the newer Zen 3 architecture. The AMD Ryzen 3950X was launched in 2019. This processor came with 16 cores and 32 threads and introduced support for the new PCI-E Gen 4. The AMD Ryzen 3950X has a base clock frequency of 3.50GHz and a boost clock frequency of 4.70GHz. The AMD Ryzen 5950X on the other hand also comes with a similar specification. It has the same number of cores and threads and also comes with support for PCI-E Gen 4. The noticeable difference is that the newer 5950X has a slower base clock frequency 3.40GHz while the boost clock frequency is much higher at 4.90GHz.

For this comparison, we have built two identical test benches with an Nvidia RTX 3080 and 32GB of DDR4 memory kit to prevent any bottlenecks during the test. All of these in-game benchmarks were taken at 1080p resolution on Ultra settings.

First, we start with Borderlands 3, an action RPG game launched in 2020. The AMD Ryzen 5950X performed better than the AMD Ryzen 3950X as expected but the difference was not that high and the difference was barely noticeable. As we know higher is better and there was an almost 4% of difference both in the average FPS and minimum FPS, the AMD Ryzen 5950X takes the lead.



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