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With the emergence of COVID-19 in the last couple of years, different online learning platforms have come up in the market. LearnClue is one of those platforms but there are some things that make our company different from everyone else’s. LearnClue is a one-stop app for all students to ingress ed-tech solutions to their educational programs at home, while at the same instance allowing parents and teachers to track and appraise the student’s performance. We design products with core values of developing higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, which are essential to students at different stages of their life. The venture was started in August 2020 by Mr. P.P.R Prasad (Founder) and Mr. Satish Babu (Co-Founder). The top-level management also includes Mr. Hari Charan (CEO), Mr. Siva A (Director – Digital Marketing) & Mr. Vinod (Director – Product). LearnClue has identified a major problem – Indian education, both conventional and ed-tech mainly for K12, focuses solely on grades. Hence children are not exposed to real-world challenges. Our organization is working towards training young minds in different ways of thinking, improving communication and collaboration, connecting education of real world and inculcating life management skills among its subscribers.

We have a website and a dedicated smartphone application to deploy our product to the global population. We have introduced the first of its kind up-skill programs mainly focusing on the overall development of a student. Our products include:
Digital Abacus: Abacus & Mental Arithmetic program helps to enhance mental ability and increase brain function of students. Attaining the skill of mastering the program, not only helps in developing mathematical skills but also helps in overall development of the brain leading to betterment in academics. So, students can also perform any type of arithmetical calculations with speed & accuracy without even using pen, paper, calculator, and abacus. We have introduced the world’s first interactive digital abacus, (Live Class + Recorded videos + practise + exams). The program aims at developing cognitive & lateral thinking (Memory power, Imagination, Concentration, Observation power, Judgement skills & Listening Skills). This is a 360-degree brain development program which is mandated in over 120 countries as a child co-curricular activity in schools.
Vedic Math: Vedic Maths, often mentioned to as Speed Maths, is a pool of short cut methods developed through our ancient system of Vedas. It helps in solving simple and complex mathematical problems in an easy & simple way. It permits to do calculations 10-15 times faster than the traditional techniques. The ability to do faster calculations can prove to be a game-changer in all kinds of competitive exams which include a specific section for quantitative aptitude. The program aims at high calculation speed with accuracy, improvement in mathematics, development in challenging ability & concentration. This kind of math proves to be very important when a student faces competitive exams and a pre-possession of necessary skills can prove really helpful during exam preparations.
Expressive English: A good grip on the English language is essential to survive in the fast-paced economy of this century. Our concept of Expressive English takes emphasis on the aspects of gestures & body languages, style & voice modulation, verbal communication through audio visual, activity and practice worksheets. We strive to create an environment to learn the listening, speaking, reading & writing skills the phonetic way. Taking support from our R&D team, we have curated a program that focuses on imbibing critical English language skills necessary for effective communication, which is proved ideal for all students entering pre-KG to PG. Our program develops the ability to communicate & collaborate by emphasizing on gestures, body language, public speaking, style, voice modulation through audio-visual, activity and practice worksheets.
Xperteach: We have developed a Learning Management Software (LMS) that trains the students to be globally-active, digitally transforming, creatively progressing, connecting academics and quick in adopting changes with tailor made programs through the help of industry experts. Xperteach is an adaptive learning platform that supports the management to be in charge of virtual learning, technique to gather information, curated assignments for fulfilling academic goals. Incalculable doubts are resolved on the instant easily.
“To empower the students with skill development products addressing 21st century competencies”. With these words, the company is aiming to cultivate a strong workforce for the future by creating a combination of ancient intellectual skills and presenting them in a modern way which is best suited for the needs of this century. Providing exposure to different calculation methods, aptitude building exercises that too with modern technology along with experienced teachers, LearnClue aims to be a life changing tool in a child’s life.


To be a market leader in delivering “Right Skills @ Right Age under K12”. These words speak for themselves. The company is ambitious in what they do and have a certain belief that they can change people’s lives. LearnClue has identified opportunities in the Indian Education market and aims to target approximately 2.5 million young children across the country. With over 25,000+ app downloads, 15,000+ registrations and more than 2.5 million rupees of revenue generation, that too in just over a year’s time, LearnClue is sitting comfortably in the driving seat to drive their overall growth and become a market leader in their chosen market.

Why LearnClue is the best choice out there?

With world’s first interactive digital abacus, programs which relate exclusively to 21st century requirements, in-house experienced teachers, a strong R&D team for product development, live classes and best of all, affordable pricing, LearnClue is one of the best platforms for overall development of an individual from their childhood itself.


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